Stainless Steel Muddler

Whether you are a mixologist or a budding cocktail maker, Stainless Steel Muddlers make muddling easy and efficient. The textured base of these muddlers ensures maximum flavour is extracted from ingredients with minimal effort.
Made from stainless steel and with a sturdy, textured base, Stainless Steel Muddlers are sure to offer longevity and continued performance in bars and other cocktail outlets.
The ergonomic, stylish design of these muddlers ensures the mixologist extracts as much flavour from ingredients as possible.

Size: 8”/20.5cm

Wood Muddler

A Wooden Muddler is a highly important tool when getting stuck in to advanced drink mixing. Simply chucking leaves of mint and lumps of ginger will leave you with a flavourless drink. With a muddler you crush your hard ingredients before application to help release the flavours and give yourself a much better drink experience!
• Length: 210mm
• Diameter: 25mm

Chrome Freeflow Pourer


Black Bar Mat

Black Bar Rail Mat


Ball End Stirrers Clear

Ball End Stirrers Black

8″ Bendy Straws Clear


8″ Bendy Straws Neon


8″ Bendy Straws Black 5mm Bore


8 inch black bendy straws 5mm bore boxed in 250’s

Code No B3

Coloured Disc Stirrer 7″


Multi coloured 7 inch disc stirrers packed in 250’s

Code No B321

Clear Disc Stirrer 7″


Clear 7 inch disc stirrer packed in 250’s

Code No B321C

Black Disc Stirrer 7″


Black 7inch disc stirrer packed in 250’s

Code No B321B

12m Bar Mat Roll Green


12m Clear Bar Mat Roll